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ADI Part 2 - Driving Ability

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The second stage in becoming a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor is the Practical Test of driving ability.

This pack includes:

The pack will help you with:

  • Move away at an angle or straight ahead
  • Cross the path, meet or overtake other vehicles and take appropriate action without undue hesitancy
  • Turn right hand and left hand corners correctly without undue hesitancy
  • Complete an emergency stop
  • Drive the vehicle in reverse gear and whilst doing so enter limited openings to the right and to the left, taking effective all round observation
  • Turn the vehicle to face in the opposite direction by the use of forward and reverse gears taking effective all round observation
  • Reverse park the vehicle into the space behind a parked car, within the space of about two car lengths and close to and parallel with the kerb, taking effective all round observation OR
  • Reverse park into a parking bay, with due regard for other vehicles or pedestrians, while taking effective all round observation